Unicom Starker, Modena, Italy
Unicom Starker

Unicom Starker, Modena, Italy

A tile production company should always pay attention to the current trends in interior and exterior design. That\'s the motto employed by Unicomstarker and by looking from this Italian tile manufacturer catalogue you will surely notice that the company is very dedicated to following it. Every product line is very special, created in the process of innovative and creative design with respect to the current trends in the design and construction market. That\'s exactly why the tile products offered by Unicom are sought after all over the globe - they fit just any project perfectly and deliver a feeling of sophistication, elegance and modern-day look to any residential or commercial space. All of the products offered by Unicom come with internationally-established quality certificates, though you can feel the difference by just looking at the ceramic tiles offered by this Italian company. Italian tiles have always been at the forefront of interior and exterior design trends, and Unicom gives you a very good example of why that is so. If you are looking for a truly exquisite, sophisticated, elegant and ecologic tiling solution for your home or office, Unicom tiles is exactly what you need!


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