Mirage Glass Tiles, Brooklyn, NY, USA
Mirage Glass Tiles

Mirage Glass Tiles, Brooklyn, NY, USA

The Mirage Glass Tiles Company provides a matchless concept and a revolutionary innovational sight of the common tiles. The vivid oscillation and the depth of color mixed with the distinctive quality of the material results in a unmatchable and glorious impact, whether can be used both in the house or in high-tech commercial buildings. Mirage Glass tiles are appropriate for interior and exterior application, because of being impervious to the frost, sunlight and liquids. They are easy to clean, preserve and will never decolorize. On the contrary, they will maintain a breathtaking appearance for countless years. With the usage of stunning spotlights, nonferrous glass tiles can transform the most unpleasant of places into a remarkable and spectacular work of designer art. Mirage Glass Tiles reserves a broad range of different collections, sizes and colors. Every item, which is not currently in stock, can be specifically designed to match the personal taste and demands of the customer.


Allways Allways Details
Ardesie Ardesie Details
Black & White Black & White Details
Esprit Esprit Details
Exit Exit Details
Glocal suit Glocal suit Details
Hmade Hmade Details
Jewels suit Jewels suit Details
Koru Koru Details
Lab 21 Lab 21 Details
Mashup Mashup Details
Name Name Details
Nau 2.0 Nau 2.0 Details
NooN NooN Details
Norr Norr Details
Novemb3r Novemb3r Details
Officine Officine Details
Oxy Oxy Details
PoPJob PoPJob Details
Quarziti 2.0 Quarziti 2.0 Details
Rail Rail Details
Re Plain Re Plain Details
Reve Reve Details
Signature Signature Details
Stones 2.0 Stones 2.0 Details
Sundeck Sundeck Details
Timaker Timaker Details
Transition Transition Details
TriBeCa TriBeCa Details
Ways Ways Details