Florida Tile, Lexington, KY, USA
Florida Tile

Florida Tile, Lexington, KY, USA

The Florida Tile Inc. is a company, which is endowed with an international status of matchless superiority, a producer of exquisite and sophisticated ceramic and porcelain tile. Also, Florida Tile manufactures tremendous natural stone and sumptuous decorative glass. For more than 50 years till this very day, the Florida Tile Inc. is the unsurpassed leader in innovations by presenting original technologies, manufacturing luxury goods and maintaining perfect conditions in the interior and exterior atmosphere. The Florida Tile Inc. strives to develop into the most eminent and momentous family brand in the section of medium to very high-end tile and stone market. Their main ambition is to study the profound requirements of the market and to have the aptitude to suggest the finest products at value for each grouping and every channel. The Florida Tile Inc. will persist to fabricate astounding products for commercial and residential building, to invest in the most recent technologies and to maintain a strong commitment to the employees, clients and the environment.


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