Lantern Mosaics by Elon Tile & Stone
Model name:
White Thassos
Bathroom, Hall Way, Kitchen
12 x 12.25
Wall Tile

Available colors and styles:

Elon Tile & Stone
Aluminum Herringbone Mosaics Aluminum Herringbone Mosaics Details
Argyle Mosaics Argyle Mosaics Details
Bamboo Mosaics Bamboo Mosaics Details
Basketweave Mosaics Basketweave Mosaics Details
Beachwood and Driftwood Beachwood and Driftwood Details
Bianco Carrara Bianco Carrara Details
Blue Celeste Blue Celeste Details
Botticino Botticino Details
Calacatta Calacatta Details
Captiva Mosaics Captiva Mosaics Details
Chateau De Sable Chateau De Sable Details
Chevron Mosaics Chevron Mosaics Details
Closeouts Closeouts Details
Cobblestone Cobblestone Details
Crema Marfil and Dark Emperador Crema Marfil and Dark Emperador Details
Diamondback Mosaics Diamondback Mosaics Details
Downtown Boston Brick Porcelain Downtown Boston Brick Porcelain Details
Durango Durango Details
Fan Mosaics Fan Mosaics Details
Fleur Mosaics Fleur Mosaics Details
Golden Sand Multi-Color Golden Sand Multi-Color Details
Grande Square Mosaics Grande Square Mosaics Details
Hampton Hampton Details
Hexagon Mosaics Hexagon Mosaics Details
Honey Onyx Honey Onyx Details
Honeycomb Mosaics Honeycomb Mosaics Details
Jewel Jewel Details
Kaleidoscope Mosaics Kaleidoscope Mosaics Details
Lantern Mosaics Lantern Mosaics Details
Lattice Mosaics Lattice Mosaics Details
Ledgerstone Ledgerstone Details
Metropolitan Ceramic Tile Metropolitan Ceramic Tile Details
Micro Brick Mosaics Micro Brick Mosaics Details
Micro Herringbone Mosaics Micro Herringbone Mosaics Details
Mini Random Strip Mini Random Strip Details
Multi-Width Mosaics Multi-Width Mosaics Details
Nuance Marble Porcelain Nuance Marble Porcelain Details
Opal Ceramic Opal Ceramic Details
Orbit Orbit Details
Oval Mosaics Oval Mosaics Details
Petite Chevron Mosaics Petite Chevron Mosaics Details
Raindrop Raindrop Details
Rhomboid Mosaics Rhomboid Mosaics Details
Ribbon Ribbon Details
Rounds Mosaics Rounds Mosaics Details
Royal Lantern Royal Lantern Details
Square Mosaics Square Mosaics Details
Starlight Mosaics Starlight Mosaics Details
Tulip Tulip Details
Wood Porcelain Wood Porcelain Details