Colorker Ceramica, Alcora, Spain
Colorker Ceramica

Colorker Ceramica, Alcora, Spain

We all know that Spanish wall and floor tiles are always among the best when it comes to quality and design. And in order to compete in a market with such high standards and fierce competition you have to be really special and dedicated to the quality control and innovation process, constantly improving the product line and giving the best you can. That\'s exactly how Colorker company has managed to stay on top in the highly competitive market of Spanish tile products. Since 1987 the company has grown from a small production facility to one of the largest tile production factories in Castellon, Spain, a region with worldwide recognition of its tile production traditions and quality. The excellent quality and modern design are the highlights of every tile solution offered by Colorker through its numerous distributors all around the globe. When browsing the product catalogue it\'s really hard to decide which wall or floor tile design to choose - they are all great. And let\'s agree, that\'s a great achievement when the customer\'s only problem is making up his or her mind and choosing the product they like the most. So don\'t hesitate and get your hands on the latest Colorker catalogue right away!


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