American Olean, Lansdale, PA, USA
American Olean

American Olean, Lansdale, PA, USA

American Olean is one of the oldest and most reputable tile producers in the US market. With over 80 years of history in manufacturing all types of tile products, today American Olean still manages to keep its product lines relevant to the needs of numerous customers, both personal and commercial. The company has grown from a small family-held tile manufacturing operation to a company with several factories and a nation-wide presence in all of the states. The products of American Olean can be purchased in over 200 different stores and outlets all across the country, while the product selection will surely satisfy any type of construction or renovation projects.

By employing different modern production techniques and materials the company stays at the forefront of the tile production industry, offering innovative designs alongside tried and trusted classic tile products. This combination of tradition and innovation lets American Olean satisfy all of their customers and offer just any type of product a person or business would need for their project. Look for American Olean store in your area and make sure to pay a visit - you will surely be impressed by the selection and variation of tiles available for purchase!


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