Watertown Tile's brand selection consists of quality flooring products and mosaics from a number of manufacturers from all over the world. From ceramics and porcelain to wood, stone, and metal tiles, the Arsenal Street showroom has what you need. If you are a fan of classic Spanish or Italian tile created in everything from traditional patterns to the most modern designs, American Olean, DalTile, Soho tile, Procida tile, Happy Floors, Florida Tile, and so many others are available. Other trusted manufacturers can be found from countries ranging from the United States to Austria, and even Malaysia.

The fundamental requirement for any manufacturer's product carried at Watertown Tile is quality and durability. Only the best will do. In addition, below you will find leading styles and the most popular designs from around the world. When shopping for tile and flooring for your next construction or renovation project, the staff at Watertown Tile is confident you will find the most luxurious and reliable selection available at prices you cannot pass up.

  • American Olean Lansdale, PA, USA
    American Olean

    American Olean is one of the oldest and most reputable tile producers in the US market. With over 80 years of history in manufacturing all types of tile products, today American Olean still manages to keep its product lines relevant to the needs of numerous customers, both personal and commercial.

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  • Anatolia Tile Thornhill, Canada
    Anatolia Tile

    Anatolia Tile & Stone, a truly dependable company, which fabricates a great variety of qualitative stone and ceramic products, supplies its goods to the most momentous distributors all over United States and Canada.

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  • Ceramica Gazzini Rubiera, Italy
    Ceramica Gazzini

    Ceramica Gazzini is the brain-child of Alfeo Gazzini, who established the company back in 1968 and has been running it ever since. However, the fact that the same person was conducting the company for over 50 years doesn\'t mean that the enterprise has failed to stay modern and evolve with time.

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  • Colorker Ceramica Alcora, Spain
    Colorker Ceramica

    We all know that Spanish wall and floor tiles are always among the best when it comes to quality and design. And in order to compete in a market with such high standards and fierce competition you have to be really special and dedicated to the quality control and innovation process, constantly improving the product line and giving the best you can.

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  • DalTile Dallas, TX, USA

    Daltile traces its history more than half a century back, with the very first flooring solution outlet established in 1947 in Dallas, Texas.

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  • Elon Tile & Stone Bethel, CT, USA
    Elon Tile & Stone

    Elon Tile & Stone Company offers an exceptional dealership program embraces of marvelously created small concept selections, which are meant as an assistance to the dealers who have to serve the clients.

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  • Florida Tile Lexington, KY, USA
    Florida Tile

    The Florida Tile Inc. is a company, which is endowed with an international status of matchless superiority, a producer of exquisite and sophisticated ceramic and porcelain tile.

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  • Happy Floors Miami, FL, USA
    Happy Floors

    Happy Floors is thrilled to be presented as a nationwide distributor of superior granite, which is accepted as an environmentally affable material.

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  • Mediterranea Doral, FL, USA
  • Mirage Glass Tiles Brooklyn, NY, USA
    Mirage Glass Tiles

    The Mirage Glass Tiles Company provides a matchless concept and a revolutionary innovational sight of the common tiles.

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  • MS International, Inc. Orange, CA, USA
    MS International, Inc.

    Founded in 1975, MS International. Inc is a number one distributor of countertops, floors, wall tiles and hardscaping products in USA and Canada.

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  • Procida tile New York, USA
    Procida tile
  • Soho Tiles Concord, Canada
  • Tile Sale New York, USA
  • Unicom Starker Modena, Italy
    Unicom Starker

    A tile production company should always pay attention to the current trends in interior and exterior design. That\'s the motto employed by Unicomstarker and by looking from this Italian tile manufacturer catalogue you will surely notice that the company is very dedicated to following it.

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  • Westside Glass Colection New York, NY, USA
    Westside Glass Colection

    The Westside Company offers an exceptional glass collection, which includes an astounding assortment of glass mosaics, exquisitely combined with a multitude of stones, artistic pieces and metal.

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